About Me

Missouri-native, Addie Scoggin, is an educator, writer, and explorer. Her combined love for teaching and adventure whisks her away to countries all over the world. She currently lives in Dalian, China while teaching English Composition at Liaoning Normal University-Missouri State University in the College of International Business. Previously, her last teaching gig landed her in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where she taught English language to girls in Al Dhara Secondary School.

Here’s a glimpse into her classroom:

  • she likes to promote inclusivity and multi-culturism however I can
  • she likes to integrate cross-cultural literature into my curriculum to send the message that Anglo literature isn’t the only literature
  • she likes to incorporate as much explorative learning outside the classroom as possible
  • she likes to raise their international rhetorical awareness by allowing students to discover other thinking approaches

To live beyond the familiar, she decides to live by a simple rule: choose curiosity over fear.

With a master’s in Professional Writing from Southeast Missouri State University, Addie has devoted several years of teaching in higher education, including her position as the former Writing Lab Coordinator at Mineral Area College in Park Hills, MO.

She continues to study theories of composition and rhetoric pedagogies, but her primary area–the one which has captured her heart–is creative nonfiction, specifically travel memoir and neo-confessionalism, which emphasizes the idea that grief memoir is the latest literary phenomenon of surrendering one’s private life in a “tell-all” writing style. The sharing of loss, pain, and desperation is a shock art that she finds healing, particularly when using travel to help alleviate the sorrow.

Addie is a featured author and poet in the online magazine, Literary Juice. In this Q&A, she describes how she summons her inspiration to write.

On a personal note, you can find this avid kayaker floating spring-fed rivers in Missouri. When not on the water, you can find her traveling tales in the form of her latest blog posts or visual storytelling with her amateur GoPro vlogs via her YouTube channel–which she updates, just not as often as she likes.

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