Freelance Writing

In my pastime, I freelance using Upwork. I’ve accepted dozens of projects, mostly blog articles. However, I welcome unique, challenging projects that require research on the topic. I When writing for marketing agencies, I tailor my writing style to match my client’s specific niche audience (B2B or B2C). You can find links and photos of my work below:

Industrial Blog Samples

  • industry blogs: HVAC systems (below)
  • robotic blogs: agri-bots (below)

Documents & Designs

Another branch of my freelancing reaches into document design and graphic design. I enjoy creating attention-grabbing flyers, book covers, newsletters, graphics, restaurant menus, and social media campaigns–all customized to my clients. If you feel I’d be a good choice to market your website or business, contact me.

Social Media: Facebook & Instagram

In-house menu

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Flyer & Punch Card

Photo Design

Flyers for the SEMO’s Running Club

Academic Newsletter