ESL Teaching Portfolio

United Arab Emirates

I spent six months as a full-time English Language Teacher at Al Dhara Secondary School for Girls in Hatta, United Arab Emirates. This school is located one hour southeast of Dubai in the foothills of the Hajar Mountains, bordering Oman. I taught 9th and 10th grade Emirati students in the Advanced Science Program (ASP).

As an ESL teacher, I created student-centered lessons, incorporating differentiated activities to reach the varying skills and abilities of my ASP students. Previously, I underwent two months of teacher training to prepare for culture assimilation and multicultural pedagogies in the UAE.

“A country’s greatest investment lies in building generations of educated and knowledgeable youth”

-Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan, Founding Father of United Arab Emirates

Al Dhara Secondary School for Girls: Advanced Science Program

The Advanced Science Program was designed for the highest performing students within Emirati government schools. The curriculum is a focus on science and math topics, with English as the medium of instruction.

Portfolio Contents:

  • Lesson Plans/Interactive Notebook
  • Differentiated Activities
  • PowerPoints
  • Student Projects

Grade 9

Lesson Plans

Interactive Notebook

Differentiation Activities

  1. When using station teaching, consider the following:
    1. what subject, unit, concept, or skill you want to cover at each station
    2. how you can challenge students’ varying abilities
    3. how to motivate students to use L2
    4. how much time is needed per station
    5. what behavior management strategies will be put in place

Literature Project


STEM Projects

Grade 10

Lesson Plans

Interactive Notebook

Differentiation Activities

Literature Project


STEAM Poster Projects

Classroom management techniques:
Each student has an obligation in the development of a quality learning. Following classroom rules and expectations will foster respect for self and others while meeting behavior and academic expectations.

  1. To create an effective learning environment, I have assigned a handful of students the following roles:
    1. Project managers: Lead group work and keep others on task
    2. Peace keepers: or what I like to call, the “shusher,” maintains a quiet , calm, positive atmosphere
    3. Arabic boss: ensures that English is always spoken and will intervene with Arabic translation as necessary
    4. Teacher helper: passes out papers, writes dates and objectives on board, and other duties as assigned

Southeast Missouri State University

Intensive English Program

I was hired on as summer staff in summer of 2016, teaching two ESL courses: Grammar 2 and Writing 5.
This required developing curriculum and creating lesson plans for transnational learning strategies. With this, I also prepared international students for American university classrooms using assimilation techniques.

TESOL Certificate

Teach English Now!

This TESOL certificate includes over 150 hours of online instruction; however, 60 of those hours were spent in a face-to-face teaching practicum on Arizona State University campus in Tempe, Arizona.

These were the topics covered in the TESOL certificate:

  • Foundational Principles
  • Theories of Second Language Acquisition
  • Lesson Design and Assessment
  • Teaching (Reading, Writing, Grammar, Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation)
  • Technology-Enriched Teaching

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