About Me

Hi, I’m Addie.

I come from humble beginnings. Having grown up in rural Park Hills, Missouri, it took years to break out of my sheltered, comfy cocoon. But I wouldn’t change a thing about my childhood. After all, I owe the majority of my successes to my small-town lifestyle, particularly my doting family.

I went on to pursue a BA in English Composition and an MA in Professional Writing at Southeast Missouri State University. Years later, with my family’s support, but not enthusiasm, I left my hometown at the age of twenty-five to embark on an adventurous teaching career. Whether it was to soul search or to teach–or somewhere in between–I landed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for a bit, then on to Dalian, China. Taking a much-needed hiatus from the Midwest to live abroad in the Middle East and then in Asia cultivated and empowered the professional young woman I am today. The experience of solo travel has forever changed my life. I try live by a simple rule: to choose curiosity over fear.

Now, you can find Addie in the border city of Brownville, Texas teaching Composition and Literature at Texas Southmost College.

Living beyond familiar has led to a more enriching, fulfilling life.