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Welcome to the personal website and blog of Addie Scoggin.

As you will see, my blog archives my travels to far-off countries, my best teaching practices, and my experiences as a pretend pro athlete. Find something to read and drop a comment!

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Texas Southmost College

Freelance writer. College instructor. Pretend pro triathlete.

My passion as a writer comes from a life-long obsession with finding my voice. From the age of 10, I’ve kept an incredibly (embarrassing) detailed record of journals. Capturing my opinions and observations through writing helped me decipher my thoughts and make sense of the world. The simple act of helping others– be it students or clients–convert ideas to words is what brings me endless satisfaction.

Having grown up in what most Missourians just call “the woods,” really helped ground my childhood in appreciation of nature, slower-paced living, and a small-town lifestyle. While rural life shaped my personality, I was ready for more.

Living beyond familiar has led to a more enriching, fulfilling life.

At 25 years old, with my family’s support, but not enthusiasm, I left my hometown to embark on an adventurous teaching career. Whether it was to soul search or teach–or somewhere in between–I landed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for a bit, then moved on to Dalian, China the following year. Taking a much-needed hiatus from the Midwest to live abroad, I felt empowered through solo travel. I lived by a simple rule: to choose curiosity over fear.

Now, you can find me at the border of Mexico in the small town of Brownsville, TX. With my inconsolable obsession for all things writing, I help college students articulate their ideas into writing that fits their purpose. In other words, I teach writing and literature at Texas Southmost College.