Addie Scoggin, Instructor of English

Addie holds a Master’s in Professional Writing from Southeast Missouri State University and challenges her students to become critical thinkers before they write. It is Addie’s goal as an educator to promote open minds and open eyes. Her lessons are student-centered, interactive, and innovative. Students will always be her course’s focus, and their language progress, the priority.  

Master of Arts: Professional Writing
Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO in 2016
Bachelor of Arts: English Writing
Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO in 2014
Associate of Arts: English Composition
Mineral Area College, Park Hills, MO in 2012

Originally from Missouri, she taught in the Middle East and Asia, and is now based in Brownsville, Texas next to the Mexican border, teaching writing and literature at Texas Southmost College. She loves adventure, running, and tea.

Conference Presentations
Teach English Now! Virtual Conference, May 2019
Harnessing Social Media: From Foe to Friend in the ESL Classroom” online
International Writing Center Association Conference, Nov. 2017
“The Writing Lab Safe House: Support and Sympathy through Mentor Posturing” Chicago, IL
Arizona State University’s Teach English Now! Conference, July 2017
“Explorative Settings: Teaching Outside the Classroom” Tempe, AZ
Southeast Missouri State University’s Radical Writes: Midwest Graduate Students’ Conference, Apr. 2016
“Travel Memoir: Redefining Florida” Cape Girardeau, MO
Weber University’s National Undergraduate Literature Conference (NULC), April 2014
“Native American Winnebago Trickster Tales vs. Wieland’s Carwin” Ogden, UT


150 hours. Teach English Now! Arizona State University. 2017.

Teach Students How to Learn.
20 hours. Dr. Saundra McGuire Course. Institute for Intentional College Teaching. Texas Southmost College. 2020.

Faculty Online Certification Course.
20 hours. Jenzabar LMS training. Mineral Area College. 2016.

TEACHING Experience

Instructor of English at Texas Southmost College

2020 – present

Courses teaching: Comp I, Comp II, Forms of Literature, American Literature, Technical and Business Writing

Instructor of English at LNU-MSU, College of International Business in China

2019- 2021

Courses taught: Intro to College Composition, Writing I, and Academic Writing

English Graduate Teacher at Ministry of Education in UAE

2018 – 2019

Course taught: English as a Second Language for the Advanced Science Program

Writing Lab Coordinator at Mineral Area College

2017 – 2018

Courses taught: Basic Writing I, Basic Writing II, Use of Library Resources, and Writing a Research Paper

Graduate Teacher Assistantship at Southeast Missouri State University

2014 – 2016

Courses taught: Composition I and Rhetoric and Critical Thinking

ACADEMIC Relevance

2018 – Proposal Reviewer. “2019 TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo,”

2017 – Present. Member, TESOL International Association.

2017 – 2019. Member, International Writing Centers Association.

2017 – 2019. Member, Missouri Community College Association.

2016 – Featured Poet & Author. “Q & A with Established and Aspiring Authors.” Online Literary Magazine: Literary Juice.

2016 – Moderator. “Radical Writes: Midwest Graduate Students Conference.”

2015 – 2016. Advisor, Running Club, Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO. 

2015 – 2016. Graduate President, Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society.

2015 – 2016. Secretary, Community of Southeast English Educators (CSEE).

2014 – 2015. Advisor, Chinese Student Learning Association, Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO.

2014 – Moderator. “Faulkner & Hurston Conference.”

2014 – Undergraduate Vice President, Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society. 

2014 – Dorothy & Wendel Nilsen Scholarship Recipient for the Masters in Professional Writing, Southeast Missouri State University.

2013 – Publishing Intern, University Press, Southeast Missouri State University – Cape Girardeau, MO.